5 Android Equivalents to Popular iOS Apps

As of March 2017, Apple had a total of 2.2 million available apps, and Android apps totaled 2.8 million. However, there are still some seriously cool iPhone apps that Android users just can’t get.

If you’ve ever spent countless hours Googling the Android equivalent of your favorite Apple app, you know how frustrating it can be. So, we’ve compiled a list of five uber popular iPhone apps with their closest Android equivalents.

iPhone: iMovie

Android: Action Director Video Editor

The robust personal video production and editing app, iMovie has ten built-in video filters, animated titles, green screens, built-in music, sound effects, and credits. With all of these included features, most of the production can be done right from the iPhone. And, it also means that an Android equivalent has a lot to live up to.

The best video production equivalent for Android is Action Director Video Editor. Action Director has video effects and basic video editing, as well as over a dozen scene transitions and the ability to do slow motion and fast motion videos.

iPhone: GarageBand

Android: Music Maker JAM

You get an (almost) complete recording studio with GarageBand. It comes with a keyboard, guitar, and drum simulator. Users can even hook up their guitar or bass and use GarageBand as an amp. Add vocals and some more effects for a complete performance.

For Android, there’s Music Maker JAM which comes with thousands of sounds, melodies, and instruments that users can use to mix their tracks. Users can also record vocals and use the built-in style packs to complete their songs. Music Maker JAM also holds global challenges that budding music producers can enter.

iPhone: iWork

Android: Google Drive

The iWork app bundle includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Pages is a word processor, Numbers is for spreadsheets, and Keynote helps users create presentations.

Similarly, Google Drive has similar apps including Google Docs for writing, Google Sheets for spreadsheets, and Google Slides for presentations. Google Drive makes it easy to share, collaborate, and sync between devices.

iPhone: Monument Valley 2

Android: Magic Flute

If you like Monument Valley, the sequel, Monument Valley 2, sends players on a quest through impossible geometry and fantastic worlds. Players must guide Princess Ida and her mom through a maze of puzzles and changing landscape.

As of June 2017, Monument Valley 2 is only available in the iTunes Store. When the original Monument Valley came out, its creators, Ustwo Games, delayed the release to Android for a couples months and they seem to have the same plan this time around.

For now, Android users can satisfy their Monument Valley cravings with Magic Flute. In this game, players navigate through an industrial landscape while solving puzzles and helping Tamino “find wisdom, beauty and save the love of his life.”

iPhone: Fresh Air

Android: 1Weather

The Fresh Air weather app is intuitive with a minimalist user interface. It gives a beautiful visualization of all the characteristics of the weather, letting users scroll through a 7-day weather outlook. Fresh Air can even integrate with a user’s calendar to display what the weather will be like for upcoming events.

1Weather has many of the same features as Fresh Air. Users can see current weather and forecast and 1Weather’s background images mimic the actual weather. This app also offers a 12-week Precisioncast and Forecast videos from meteorologist Gary Lezak.

Have you switched from an iPhone to an Android and had to find equivalents of your favorite apps? What is missing from this list?


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