4 Ways to Use Tech to Preserve Family Memories

Beginning a new year helps focus our minds into starting new ideas, new resolutions, and new goals. What are missed are the memories and events that have already passed too soon. Using the new year to start creating keepsakes is just one new way to focus our minds while finding a cool new way to capture those fleeting moments.


Large photo albums, slides, and shoe boxes full of candid pictures from disposable cameras are beyond anything kids these days could imagine. Plus, it’s nearly impossible to physically keep the sheer number of photos that are being taken.


It’s estimated that 1.1 trillion photos were taken last year. With 7.5 billion people worldwide and an estimated 4 billion with a camera-wielding smartphone, that’s about 275 photos per person. What are we to do with all those pictures?


Scrolling through photos on a camera, computer, or smart device takes a massive amount of time. It’s not too often that everyone takes the time to edit and filter each picture to print out. Chatbooks is an app that can be used on any smartphone or device. Photos already on phones or posted onto social media can be easily gathered and included in a book sent straight to the front door. Instagram photos, Facebook posts, or regular photos can automatically sync to the Chatbooks app, essentially allowing the book to create itself. Receive a notification when close to the 60 picture limit, then just wait for the book to show up at the door.



Create custom photo books (and more) using over 300 different themes starting from: family, travel, weddings, and more. Mixbook offers several different photo sizes and formats like portrait, landscape, or square books. Photo books can be finished as a soft cover, glossy, matte, or leather cover. Mixbook also offers a way to create your photo book from scratch, with different backgrounds, layouts, text, logos, and stickers for a unique design. Don’t stop at books, calendars, holiday cards, posters, and even metal and acrylic photos are available.



The one-stop shop for every photo need, and a favorite of Ellen Degeneres! Shutterfly makes it easy to keep all your favorite photos in one place. Create albums that will be kept in an account forever or until the user is ready to delete them. There is an endless number of options that can be done with the photos: photo books, of course, but also canvases, mugs, frames, quilts, anything that can be imagined can be stamped with a photo.




Keeping memories may not just be about saving photos. Many memories come from day-to-day life like relationships, special recipes, and daily conversations. Bookemon is a great way to preserve memories in a hardback or soft cover book. Using their website or mobile app, download from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or photos to finish a book in minutes. Templates are made available to create books with a professional look, so family recipes, holiday traditions, and special events can be kept for years to come.

Kimberly Lewis is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in education. She taught science at the Warren County Alternative School before choosing to continue her love of writing as a freelancer while at home raising her two children.


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