4 Ways Kids Can Talk to Santa This Year

As a parent about to celebrate Christmas, it’s only right that you’ve threatened your children with the phrase “I’ll call Santa,” one too many times. While some parents might use it as a way to get their children to behave, others might actually want to find a way to talk to the big guy, or at least let their kids hear from him.

If you’re looking to brighten the spirits of your kids just before the holiday, or use The Naughty List to keep them doing what they should, check out these four ways to talk to Santa this year.

Portable North Pole

These personalized video messages from Portable North Pole are a hit with kids and parents. It’s free for your basic calls and videos, but there are even more options if you’re willing to pay for it. There are dozens of options to choose from in that are free, so we’re pretty sure you won’t need to pay unless you’re super into Santa. Watch the youngest of children light up as they watch Santa and some of his elves interact like they’re on a real video call.

A Call From Santa!

This app is free and makes scheduled calls. Choose to have a call from Santa come in immediately or 30 minutes from now. You’ll have to input the child’s information and pick a reason for the call. Reasons range from wishing the child a happy birthday, giving encouragement for going on the potty, or even ensuring that Santa is real! This app even calls into Santa’s voicemail or sends text messages back and forth.

Personalized Phone Call From Santa

Who doesn’t love a free way to talk to Santa? Lines at the mall are long and usually cost $20 for a picture of your child screaming. With a Personalized Phone Call From Santa, there are 28 custom greetings and unique messages around Christmas Eve and even after Christmas. There’s mention of the naughty list here, so feel free to use the app as a bargaining tool.


If you’re not up for downloading an app just for the holiday, ChristmasDialer.com takes you to a website landing page to choose who the call will come from (Santa or a trusted Elf), and then pick a personal message to come directly to the phone number put into the site. There’s one free call available to each phone number, but it offers premium options as well. This is perfect if the family is traveling to grandma and grandpa’s house and they happen to still have a landline.

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