4 Useful Augmented Reality Apps For All Ages

Augmented reality, commonly known as AR, combines reality with virtual reality. It is a technology that layers computer-generated enhancements atop an existing reality to create a unique and meaningful experience. AR has made its way into the mainstream and is enjoyed across many verticals including sports, entertainment, education, healthcare, e-commerce, tourism, and more. You may not realize it, but AR is all around you. The Pokémon Go app, for example, uses the technology to superimpose virtual Pokémon into a user’s immediate environment. It’s no coincidence it’s wildly popular and addicting!

This technology has a wide range of benefits and is a shining example of how tech has evolved. Brands are adopting it to offer consumers a connected experience, while healthcare companies are leveraging the capabilities of AR to help treat and educate patients. The scope of benefits is endless! Research shows that the use of AR increases engagement and interaction and provides a richer user experience. In addition, AR is mobile and personal, therefore is hugely accessible to the rapidly growing smartphone market.

Regardless of age, demographic, or interest, AR can be enjoyed by anyone. Check out these AR apps that offer endless entertainment, share helpful knowledge and information, and tap into your creativity.

Google Translate App

This is not referring to the website everybody uses; you type in words and get a translation. The app is much more intuitive and leverages the power of AR! To use it, open the app, and your camera will open as well. Then, hold the camera up to any sign or text, and you’ll get the full translation without having to type anything. This is incredibly convenient for the travel buffs out there.

Star Walk

Star Walk is perfect for kids and teens that love learning about the stars and the sky. The app uses technology that surpasses any capabilities that maps and GPS trackers have. To use it, point your phone or tablet (with the camera on) to the sky. The app will find your location and then output all of the information about the stars. It will pick up constellations and will even draw out the shape of them. The app puts a fun twist on education, and can make a stargazer out of anyone!

Ink Hunter

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, tattoos are wildly popular. However, they are undeniably permanent. Ink Hunter is helping those that are nervous about making the commitment with an app that helps you visualize your design (in real-time). Simply upload your design and then point your phone to the body part you’d like to test out. It’s a painless (and fun) way to get inked.

Field Trip
Field Trip is your own personal mobile tour guide. It incorporates AR with location tracking to create a robust travel experience. You can select from a variety of categories such as historical landmarks, museums, or even nearby places to eat and drink. The app will notify you if you are near that location and will provide information about that place. You can even tag landmarks in your favorites and visit them later. It’s perfect for exploring a new city at your own pace and adds a whole new level to travel.

Diana Aquino is a Marketing and Project Management professional with extensive experience in mobile, app analytics, and marketing strategy. She’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, helping apps reach top ranks. You can reach her on Twitter, or connect with her on Linkedin.

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