4 of the Coolest New Toys and 2 To Look Forward To

Sure, the holidays is the perfect time to offer up the coolest new toys for kids, but everyone has a birthday and deserves something new and exciting throughout the year. Here are some of the best choices for kids of all ages who might need an awesome gift right now!

Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control X-Wing Starfighter

It’s impossible to list toys and not include something related to Star Wars. The popularity of the franchise has only grown since its introduction 40 years ago. That’s right; Star Wars turns 40 this year. So, of course, Lucasfilm is releasing yet another installment. Pieces offering information around The Last Jedi are slowly leaking to the press and Star Wars toy sales are growing.

One of the newest toys from Spin Master is the Remote Control X-Wing Starfighter. Kids can join the Rebel Alliance and pilot their very own X-Wing Starfighter. From 250-feet away they can control this crash-resistant toy and join The Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Thumb Chucks

These are like the modern day yo-yo. The makers of Thumb Chucks say it’s perfect for relaxing at home, walking hand-in-hand down the street, or for long walks on the beach. Just kidding, it’s not a dating ad! However, the creators do make it sound like it could be an extension of being. It’s best suited for older kids or even adults who are kids at heart looking to soothe the fidgets.

Thumb Chucks is about skill and offers an app with tutorials and videos for those looking to build their skillset. Their website even offers Tips & Tricks like the rebound, the pass, and the wrap.

LEGO Batman Movie The Riddler Riddle Racer

The LEGO Batman Movie was a hit at the box office, and there isn’t much out there that tops the appeal of Batman and his cool gadgets. While Batman himself has some pretty great stuff, the villains of Gotham City have been given some pretty awesome weapons of their own. The first time the world was introduced to The Riddler was in 1948, but many kids and adults these days will remember him best as portrayed by Jim Carrey in Batman Forever.

The LEGO franchise has given The Riddler his own version of the Batmobile with this Riddler Riddle Racer which includes spring-loaded shooters and hidden weapons. What’s even cooler, this villain toy comes with more than just the vehicle and its driver. LEGO offers Batman, Magpie, Calendar Man, and Kite Man on top of The Riddler and the Riddle Racer.

Dreampark Pyraminx

Kids can tap into their creativity with this pyramid puzzle game. It’s perfect for promoting spatial awareness, teaching patience, and letting kids use their imagination to create cool geometric shapes. Kids can use the Dreampark Pyraminx to work on their STEM skills in engineering.

This one would be a great addition to a parent’s stash as well. It’s not just for kids, and the multiple shapes offered by Dreampark make sure everyone can have a turn at creating towers, shapes, and structures unique to their tastes.

Coming Soon

The following toys are two of the most celebrated items coming to shelves later this year.

The Think & Learn Smart Cycle is already available for preorder and lets kids get in on the fitness craze that their parents might already be engulfed in. It’s like a mini Peloton where kids can drive, play games, or race with a connected screen.

The Elmoji Elmo Coding Robot is the Elmo-themed version of Coji from WowWee. It teaches kids STEM skills and uses one of the most beloved characters of all time to do it.

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