4 Easy Ways to Preserve Summer Memories

Childhood summers pass in the blink of an eye, often leaving behind nothing more than freckles and sun-kissed skin. As a parent, you know that once your child is grown, they will look back on these memories as the good ol’ days, so why not give them a way to relive them?

Go ahead and capture this Summer so your kids can never forget the fun they had!

Keep a Summer Journal

While this may sound a bit old school, journaling continues to be one of the best ways to preserve memories. Sure, a child can look back at old photos to reminisce, but nothing beats actually reading what your thoughts and feelings were during that time.

If pen and paper feel a bit outdated, encourage them to keep a digital journal instead. Penzu is a free easy-to-use journal app that allows users to jot down their thoughts, attach photos, and sort their posts into categories. Although journaling may feel like a chore now, they’ll look back fondly on these personalized memories in the future.

Create a Photo Book

Taking photos has become more natural to the modern teenager than riding a bike, so it makes sense to turn all those selfies and candid shots into a photo book.

There are tons of do-it-yourself online photo book services, but one of the easiest to use is Montage. Just upload your photos and Montage will do the rest, eliminating photos of low quality and automatically sorting others into a beautiful book. It’s the best option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time organizing, but still want to preserve their photos.

Make a Video

There’s nothing quite like looking back on a memory that’s been recorded and set to music. It’s why millions of couples dish out thousands of dollars for a videographer to capture their wedding day. Although hiring a videographer to follow your child around this summer may be a bit out of reach, the modern child has all of the skills required to make video memories for themselves (and you’ve probably taken one too many snippets of their days).

iMovie (iOS) and Magisto Magic (Android) are two easy-to-use movie editors that allow users to cut up video, add transitions, and put it all to music. Just imagine how cool it would be for your child to look back on videos of their childhood summers set to popular music of that summer.

Build a Keepsake Box

Keeping tokens of precious memories never goes out of style. Building a keepsake box to store memories can even become a fun activity for you and your child to do together. Simply find an old shoebox and go to town decorating the top with magazine clippings of their favorite band or printouts of their go-to emojis!

Once the box is ready, encourage them to fill it with little mementos like ticket stubs or entry bracelets from theme parks. Although these tiny mementos don’t seem like much to them now, as they grow older, the box will be filled with nostalgia and precious memories.


What items bring your childhood memories jolting back to life?

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