4 Apps To Help You Co-Parent Through The Holidays

With the holidays bearing down on all of us and schedules filling up fast, it’s worth considering how many blended households there are out there. The kids are shuffled from Mom’s to Dad’s and several Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents during Christmas-time, and it’s incredibly tough to keep track of it all. So today, we have a handful of co-parenting apps that can help you make sense of it all — not only during Christmas but moving forward as well.

2 Houses

This great app gives co-parents several great tools to help manage the family. Parents have access to a shared calendar, the ability to control and be more informed about shared expenses, and share information and updates that can sometimes fall through the cracks. Find out more about 2houses here.

Our Family Wizard

Another excellent option for divorced parents, Our Family Wizard can help with visitation and child custody schedules and calendars. One of the most significant attributes OFW claims is the ability to take your kids out of the sometimes messy conversations and details that can be part of a divorce or co-parenting relationship. When the majority of the work is done through the app, the kids are more sheltered from the details. With a focus on healthy communication, OFW is a real asset to co-parenting situations and is worth a look if you’re in need.


Well, of course we think our app is an excellent choice for co-parenting. And while it’s been a favorite of many families already for a long time, the recent addition of a Multi-Parent feature makes it a perfect fit. Learn more about the multi-parent feature here, and more about Mothershp here.


Squarehub acts like a social media network that is limited to your family. Family members can share private messages and photos, coordinate activities, and manage schedules. A great asset for blended families and co-parenting situations, Squarehub looks like a good fit for traditional families that want to communicate better too. A nice alternative to Facebook, it’s more secure and is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Joe Long