3 Ways Technology Is Changing Your Child’s Back To School Experience

As the kids head back to school for another year of learning and waking up incredibly early, we thought it would be interesting to take a peek into how technology is changing schools. After all, it’s been quite some time since most of us packed a lunch and hopped on a school bus, and the environment we live in is full of new technologies. Here are a few interesting tech tidbits from around the country that we found interesting.

Wearable Tech and Virtual Reality: Services like Google Expedition are giving our kids the ability to take field trips anywhere, and just by wearing a virtual reality headset. Sure, most VR and wearable tech is too expensive or not yet ready for the classroom, but if Expedition is any indication, the future is very bright. Learn more about this technology and other wearable tech from The Guardian.

High Tech Classrooms: There are two new schools in Nashville, Tennessee that are experimenting with the classroom environment. Here is a blurb about the changes.

Each classroom is outfitted with interactive computer panels, surround-sound systems to project teacher voices and video tools to record lessons. The staff also chose the surround-sound audio that will project teacher voices. And teachers will be able to record their lessons, to use as game play analysis or to hand over to absent students.

More from The Tennessean.

The “Smart” School Bus: The school bus is something that seems exactly the same as when we rode it to school decades ago, and while many are, there are some big upgrades happening to the busses in cities like Columbia, Missouri. Many of the new busses come equipped with Wi-Fi, and all of them now allow parents to track the location of their children’s bus using a smartphone app.


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