3 Tech Tools To Help Your Children Sleep Better

If you are reading this in the morning, then you probably are already anticipating the moment when your head sinks into your fluffy pillow, and you draw the covers up to your chin. Sleep is golden. As adults, we understand the immeasurable benefit of a good night’s sleep. It replenishes our energy and helps to clear our head for another action-packed day. No amount of coffee comes close to a restful and relaxing nighttime siesta. And sleep is even more important for children.

Children need an adequate amount of sleep for the same, and for more reasons that adults need sleep. The main reason why sleep is so important for children is because their brains haven’t fully developed yet. They are still stuck in an emotional mode. Which means children have a tough time regulating, managing, and expressing their emotions in an efficient way.

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, human brains don’t fully develop until around age 25 or later. This means that teenagers and even young adults in their early 20s still have trouble understanding and coping with big emotions. Sleep is an essential tool to help children and teens keep calm, cool, and collected during the day.

Unfortunately, even if you understand the value of sleep in your children’s lives that doesn’t always mean that you can coax them into hitting the hay when they should. Here are three tech tools (and a bonus tool) to help your children sleep better.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies, available on both Android and iTunes, offers over 100 sounds that you can mix and match to create the perfect soundtrack for sleep. The app also includes binaural beats which are designed to induce a relaxed brainwave. Ipnos, the creators of Relax Melodies, also recently added several guided meditation sessions.

Kids YogaVerse & Yoga By Teens

Sometimes gentle movement before bed helps get young minds and bodies ready for a good night’s sleep. Kids YogaVerse and Yoga By Teens offers many yoga routines designed to move your children into a restful state.

Gunnar Computer Glasses

According to the Washington Post, the light emitted from computer monitors and device screens can delay the release of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is a key ingredient in preparing the body for sleep. So, if melatonin is delayed then so is a restful sleep. Gunnar Computer Glasses filter the screen’s light and help maintain the melatonin levels that encourage children’s heads to hit the pillows.   

Bonus Tool: Tech Rest Center

All of these tools can help a child fall asleep easier at night and have a more restful sleep. But sometimes taking a break from TV and devices at least an hour before bed can improve sleep even more. Set up a Tech Rest Center on the dining room table or another centrally-located spot in the house. Have everyone in the family put their devices in this center about an hour before bed and leave them there until morning.

Do you have a trick or routine that helps your children get a good night’s sleep?


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