15 Creative Ways To Ask Your Kids: “How Was School Today?”

Your kids are home from school, and as they walk in or hop into your vehicle, you casually ask the question they know is coming: “How was school today?”

There’s nothing wrong with this inquiry, and sometimes it’s all you need to say to get a snapshot of their day. But as most parents know, a simple answer like “fine” is what typically comes out of your child’s mouth, and as parents, we should want much more. Here are 15 different ways to ask about your little one’s day in class to spark conversation and provide you with insight into how they are feeling and doing in school.

1) What was the best and worst part of your day?

2) What was your teacher wearing today?

3) What was the best part of your lunch?

4) What would you like to be learning about more? Less?

5) Did anyone get in trouble today?

6) Did you thank or compliment someone today? Did anyone thank or compliment you?

7) Which one of your classmates would you like to get to know more?

8) What made you feel happy today?

9) What made you feel sad or confused today?

10) What do you wish your teacher would have done differently today?

11) Who in your class needed to be cheered up today?

12) What did you do at recess today?

13) Did you visit the library today? Check out any books?

14) Which kid your class was the quietest today? The loudest?

15) What was the funniest thing that happened today?

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Joe Long