10 Pet Chores For Kids


Photo credit: Cia de Foto / Foter / CC BY

If you’re a parent that has kids who are old enough to speak, you’ve probably had this conversation once or twice.

Child: Mom / Dad, can we get a dog? (Or cat, or fish, guinea pig, ferret, snake or rhinoceros)

Mom/Dad: Well, pets are great, but they require lots of work, are you going to help clean up after the pet, feed it and make sure it gets exercise?

Child: Yes! Now, can we get one?

Mom/Dad: Alright, but I don’t want to end up having to do all the work.

Of course we know that many times, the parents DO end up doing most of the work with pets, and this is for a variety of reasons. Maybe the kids and parents don’t have the same expectations as to what the pet needs, or maybe the kids lose that initial motivation after a few weeks of having to clean up dog crap. In my house, my kids wouldn’t even do one of the easiest pet chores ever, feed the fish, on a regular basis. It’s not because they hated the fish, they just forgot and we did a bad job of reminding them. (Don’t worry, the fish lived, for a while.)

Regardless of why these breakdowns happen, we thought it would be a good idea to list some common pet chores here and suggest that you add them to ChoreMonster, if you haven’t already, to help give your kids some extra motivation towards helping out with the pets.

As always, keep them age-appropriate.

1.Clean pets food bowls
2.Brush the dog
3.Clean up pet waste
4.Clean pet cage
5.Clean pet litter box
6.Put away animal toys
7.Feed pets
8.Take the pets for a walk / exercise pet
9.Give pet vitamins / meds
10.Give the pet (dog / cat) a bath

Do you have any pet related chores on your ChoreMonster list?