Family Fun

Three Classic Board Games For Family Night

It’s easy to get distracted by the latest, flashiest new game. But there’s a reason that some games are still being purchased and played by new generations. Makers of toy and board games since the 1920’s, Pressman Games knows a thing or two about staying power, and here are a few of the classics you […]

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Tech Products

Our Favorite Toys From Toy Fair 2018

You might have missed it, but the 2018 Toy Fair took place this past weekend in New York. Once again, some of the coolest new toys were unveiled by hundreds of companies, and today we wanted to let you know about some of our favorites. Star Wars The Star Wars franchise continues to grow under […]

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Movies & TV

FamilyTech Movie Review: Black Panther

Introduction This weekend, the latest movie in the expanding Marvel universe hits the big screen, and it might be the best to date. Black Panther is a Marvel character that was unveiled to film fans for the first time in Captain America: Civil War, but fans of Marvel comics will already be very familiar with […]

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Books & Reading, Parenting

5 Tools That Help Children with Literacy

Imagine not being able to read a cookbook, or understand public parking signs. That’s the reality that 32 million adults in the United States face, which is 14 percent of the total population. This group is able to read at or below a third grade level. A shocking statistic for one of the most advanced […]

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Family Fun, Technology

10 of the Best Podcasts For Kids

Podcasts are becoming the next big thing for children and their families. Whether you’re planning your next road trip, or are looking for a new way to entertain your family, look no further. These podcasts are the latest technology sensations that are here to stay. So, get comfortable, plug in your headphones, and get ready […]

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Is Technology Creating Digital Children?

Take a moment to think back to when you were a kid. Chances are you spent countless hours outside playing capture the flag and getting lost in the woods. You went to a friend’s house and made up games, choreographed dances, or found a way to play football without putting a hole in the wall. […]

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