Winter Chore Recommendations

Photo credit: KzAkabueze – ONEin12 / / CC BY-NC-SA

During warm weather months (some of us get less of them than others), it seems like there are all kinds of options for outdoor chores. Everything is green and needs attention in your yard, and in general you are looking for reasons to be outside.

But here we are, in the dead of winter, and the opposite can be true, so what are some chores that need to be done around your house that are a priority in times like these? If you’re having trouble coming up with some, we have five for you today that might help fill the void.

***As always, keep things age appropriate.

Snow cleanup – I know, some areas get snow, some don’t, but even if the scariest winter weather you get is a sheet of ice every now and then, your kids can help. Let them salt the walk, or break out the shovels and have them get to work. It’s an obvious chore that they might even enjoy, but why not reward them with some ChoreMonster points?

Cleaning snow and ice off of vehicles– Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garage for one or more of their vehicles, or maybe you just forgot to pull into the garage last night. But your kids can help. Layer them up and send them on a mission to brush the snow off your vehicle and scrape the ice as well.

Car cleaning – Speaking of car upkeep, we all know the winter months, with the snow and salt, can be brutal on your vehicle. But we don’t recommend a driveway washing session in the frigid temps. We do however think you should employ your young ones to help clean out the inside of that messy vehicle. Whether you have one of those fancy new built in vacuums in your minivan, or you just drag the Hoover or Shop Vac into the garage, this is a great job that your kids can help with. After all, they made most of the mess! 🙂

Cleaning your floors– One thing that suffers the most during the winter months is your floors. The kids, and adults, track in plenty of the ice, snow, salt and gunk from the outside world that is on their shoes. This means that usually, especially if you have hardwood floors, they need to be cleaned. Let your kids play a role in the mopping and sweeping and earn some ChoreMonster points.

Clean out those closets– When the weather outside is truly frightful, and even leaving the house seems like a chore itself, it might be time to head into your child’s room for a closet clean. After all, they probably have some shiny new Christmas gifts demanding their attention which means there are plenty of older gifts that they no longer care for. Have them make a pile of things to give to Goodwill in the process and end up with a closet that no longer looks like a bomb went off inside.