What We Learned From Millions Of Families

What do parents actually do around the house most frequently and how can technology help them? This was the question that helped launch FamilyTech; after millions of families have used our apps to get chores done around the house, we thought it was the perfect time to share why our Leaders in the Household chose to merge technology with what they are actually doing around the house.

We’ve learned that our parents are early adopters of technology, but still full-time busy parents with high family values, as displayed by some of our top chores and top rewards on the platform. FamilyTech has continued to change and evolve to match these users’ values: that technology, when utilized correctly, can help bring families closer together.

So what makes our parents “Leaders”? Looking at the chore and reward data at an aggregate level, we found that our users mimic the same attributes that experts across the board recommend. We thought it’d be a good time to share what we’ve learned:


1. Daily Chores Matter

While we always recommend having a good mix of chores throughout your child’s to-do list, the overwhelming amount of chores on our apps are daily. In fact, 70% of all of our chores on the app are daily chores. This helps everyone in the house make those tedious daily chores turn into fully-formed habits more quickly. Experts agree – a recent study from Braun Research reinforces years of research around how important chores are to a child’s development.


2. Technology is a tool, a very powerful one

Parents use technology around the house much more than the industry gives them credit for. Aside from the daily usage of our FamilyTech apps, our parents reinforced the idea that they are consuming more advice and tips from parenting apps and sites than any other generation. The best type of advice? The quick and actionable kind. 87% of our parents said they do not purchase products based on passive marketing (e.g. TV ads and Video Pre-roll). There needs to be a low barrier to finding the right information, so they use sites and apps that they trust. We have found the best way to build that trust is by providing contextually relevant suggestions to the action they are trying to complete – not based on data around their personality, but what they are trying to do at that moment. For us, our recommendation tool is always based on the actions of chores and rewards they are currently doing around the house.


3. Don’t Skip on Family Time

While technology is a powerful tool, it can also be a distraction. With more and more sites vying for parents’ attention, our parents value what matters most: Family Time in real life. Movie Night, Dinner Together, Family Game Time; our data shows that over 50% of all rewards redeemed are centered around family time, and again experts like the Journal of Marriage and Family agree. This is why our advertising model has dramatically changed over time into a recommendation engine that suggests contextual family rewards with brands that match our families’ needs of spending more time together.


What else do these families value?

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