Five Things Dad really wants for Fathers Day

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It’s just about time for Fathers Day again and it can be really tough to shop for Dad. If you watch television, you probably think all Dad wants is a new tie, some golf balls or some power tools. And there is nothing wrong with any of those items, but today I’m going to attempt to give you some ideas for Dad that might be different than you were expecting, so here goes.

A Guys Day / Night Pass: This is a good one if you have younger kids who are too young to even go the handmade card route. A night out with his buddies or a long afternoon might be just what Dad needs after rushing home every day after work and trying to catch up on sleep on the weekends.

Cool Clothes: When guys get married, lots of us stop caring much about how we look. After all, who are we trying to impress anyway? Well it might be a great time to help Dad get started with some relevant clothing that he doesn’t have to shop for himself (Most dudes hate shopping). We recommend using a suggestion service like Cladwell or letting Mom pick some stuff for him from a site like Bonobos.

A bottle of booze: One thing lots of Dads like to do is have a drink from time to time to “take the edge off” after a tough day. So why not gift Dad with a bottle of nice bourbon or scotch that will (hopefully) last him several months.

The latest technology: One of our favorite blogs recently did a post featuring their favorite tech related gifts for Dad. Check them out for some great ideas.

Practical Stuff: While not as fun for some, Dads love practical gifts. These are the things they usually go on about but would never buy for themselves. I’m talking about tools and outdoor stuff. The marketing machines are in full effect trying to lure you into your local big box hardware stores on Father’s Day, so if this is something your Dad might love, don’t miss out on the deals.

There are plenty of other great options for your Dad, but we hope this reminder helps you decide what to get for your old man this year. After all, he’s a pretty important guy.

What are you getting for your Dad this Fathers Day?


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