Updates and other things happening at ChoreMonster

Over the past several weeks we’ve been busy making small, yet significant additions to the site, as well as getting some much appreciated press.

In case you missed it, we made the news, a few times. We were thrilled to get such great press in a week from such highly respected sources. On June 27th we appeared on Mashable (“ChoreMonster App Nudges Kids To Get Things Done”), followed by a great review on BetaKit (“ChoreMonster Rewards Kids For Doing Household Chores”) and then finally The New York Times Gadgetwise section wrote about us (“An App That Prompts Kids to Do Their Chores”). While we love press, none of that matters much unless we  continually build a better product, and we did that as well.

First, we added a simple way to change which parent is sending a chore (with a dropdown for selecting if a chore is from “Mom” or “Dad”).

Second, we added something many of you requested, a “History” feature. Now you can see all of your child’s past chores and rewards (and the date they were completed). All of which edges us closer to what we’re calling “immersive analytics” (as of this very moment, unofficially, and we also made it up). Rather than just a page full of data and graphs (which is still something we will be creating) we wish to make that data seamlessly apart of your child’s story. Over the coming weeks and months you’ll be seeing more of that idea implemented.

Third, we created the much needed Frequently Asked Questions section of the website, which will hopefully not only be helpful for you, but also to any of our potential and new users.

As always, we thank each of you for using ChoreMonster. Be sure to share your stories with us on Facebook or Twitter — and tell your friends! (and we know you really want to make them jealous).


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