Time to throw away your chore charts

Chore charts are boring

We design them, we print them out, we create boards, we use stars, happy faces and bright colors. We even spend money and use up lots of valuable time. What are we doing? Creating chore charts of course! As a parent, I have grown to hate chore charts as much as I hate the flu virus. Why? Because they don’t work! That isn’t to say that there isn’t a home in the country that has been able to succeed with chore charts, and even that some we have tried have had temporary success, it’s just saying that all of my long term attempts at them have been failures.

Why have they all failed? Well, there are a variety of reasons for this, lets take a look at a few of them.

Printing out paper sucks. This might sound lazy but our most recent attempt at a chore chart at times was defeated when the printer ran out of ink. All of a sudden we are behind a day or more on the chores and the next thing you know there is a chore chart in my hallway with a date on it from two years ago. Not to mention there are like ten thousand ‘Free Printable Chore Charts’ out there and almost all of them are horrible. Of course my own ‘custom’ chart was worse so whatever.

Kids ignore chore charts. Despite our best efforts, after a certain period of time our kids started to ignore that paper on the wall. Even when a nice looking colorful display was unleashed it slowly became invisible. Why is this? Because it was boring and had a bunch of stuff listed on it that my kids didn’t want to do.

Kids can cheat on chore charts. Yeah, I know there are ways to avoid this, but it’s still possible. I know your precious little Johnny would never do this, but would he put a check mark in the box next to “Clean Room” when all his Lego’s are still in the corner on the floor? I mean, HE thinks the room is clean, but it’s nowhere near your expectations.

These reasons might make me sound lazy, but lets be honest, I am. And so are you. So why not avoid the potential pitfalls and get together with me for a chore chart burning! Ok, maybe we won’t burn them but I certainly am happy to say that ChoreMonster has really helped the lazy in me when it comes to running a chore system in my home.

– Everything is digital, so I can’t spill milk on a chart or find a wiped booger across Monday’s chores.

– My kids are already using their IPad or smart phones so it’s easier for me to remind them to log in to ChoreMonster.

– The rewards are visible, with pictures, and actually become a great reminder of what they are striving for.

– The monsters and gamification of the app are actually fun. It might not make my 15 year old giggle (nothing does) but my 8 year old loves it. And the older kids still secretly get a kick out of it too.

And if you want to get together for that chore chart burning, I can probably fit it into my schedule.


3 thoughts on “Time to throw away your chore charts”

  1. I just recently upgraded to paid membership, but we see no changes in the app or how it functions. There is no indication that we’ve unlocked any new features.

    What’s the deal? Is there something I’m missing or do we need to do something else?

  2. All the features are on the Kids app/website. For every chore your child completes, they earn a ticket. The ticket is used in the Monster Carnival, where they spin a wheel for a chance to win a monster or other silly consolation prizes. They can read and learn about the monster’s they win in the Monster area (all of which is not available to members). We’ll be continually developing and adding future features to the Monster Carnival (which will include virtual goods for your monsters, puzzles, games, interaction, premium/exclusive monsters, etc).

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