These New Smart Products Now Work With Alexa

Earlier this month in Las Vegas, technology companies got together for CES, an annual trade show that focuses on the latest and best in the tech world. We told you about some of our favorite products already, and today have some great new products that you can also use with Alexa.

Alexa was one of the most buzzed about things at CES this year, so it makes sense that new products would want to integrate the beloved voice-activated assistant. Here are some that really stood out to us.

LG Instaview Smart Fridge

Alexa is in your refrigerator and it’s about time. LG announced at CES that they have integrated Alexa into its line of Smart InstaView refrigerators. The Instaview features a touchscreen that allows you to track expiration dates and your current supply of groceries. It runs on the LG’s own WebOS and works with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa. So now you can order groceries and add to your Alexa To-Do list through your fridge.

Coway Airmega Smart Air Purifier

It’s tough to know what you’re taking into your lungs in almost any environment, but this Smart Air Purifier helps a lot, and can now be controlled using Alexa. You were already able to control the settings from your smartphone, but now you can say things like, “Alexa, turn the air purifier on,” or “Alexa, increase the air purifier’s fan speed” for an even more convenient, healthy experience.

C-Way Memoo

You already know how excited we are for the Aristotle, but there is more than one voice-activated assistant for your kids on the market. Parents connect the Memoo to an app on their phone, and can set alarms or daily agendas that are read aloud to their kids. Kids can also access games, music, and information on the internet using the Memoo. Using Alexa, parents can access Amazon’s parental controls to limit Wi-Fi to certain hours and much more.

First Alert Onelink Environment Monitor

It never hurts to have an extra layer of safety for your little one, and now the Onelink Environment Monitor from First Alert has Alexa integration. The monitor already identifies and alerts you to low lever CO, but it also connects to your Wi-Fi network so you can check in using the Onelink app when you’re not home. With Alexa, you can now ask your Echo to tell you about any of the three criteria the First Alert device measures in your child’s room.

C by GE Lamp

This beautiful lamp made by GE connects to the internet, and now you can control it using Alexa, thanks to the addition of a microphone and speaker in the base. So now you can turn it off and on, get the latest weather and news, or play music using Alexa from this great GE lamp.

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Joe Long