The 5 Best Tech Gadgets For Teens

Finding the perfect gift for a teenager can be a difficult task. They’re in an awkward limbo between wanting to be an adult but still having the spirit of a child who likes to play. Whether teens admit it or not, they’re still young enough to enjoy a good gadget, and these five are guaranteed to inspire the child within. Grab these tech gadgets knowing they’ll transform a moody teen into an excited little kid.

Wilson X Connected Basketball

What could be better than adding technology to a game teens already enjoys? With the Wilson X Connected Basketball, kids can step up their game using skill tracking technology. The Wilson ‘X’ sensors track distance from the hoop and shooting percentages with the help of “make/miss” technology that tracks when a basketball goes in or misses the basket. These stats are all recorded in real-time to a smartphone so kids can track improvement. It’s the ultimate gift for the NBA or WNBA bound teen.

Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit

This gift is ideal for the teenager who wants to make their bedroom uniquely their own. Instead of getting out the coveralls to repaint their room, gift them with the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit. This lighting kit allows teens to customize their space with unique illuminating patterns of color on wall mounted LED panels. They can use 9 LED panels to create a wall design that is uniquely their own and use the controller, app, or voice command to alter the lighting as frequently as they wish. They can wake up to the sunrise, use color to boost their mood, and change their lighting throughout the day. This kit allows kids to artistically express themselves, without sacrificing freshly painted walls. A win-win.

HTC Re-Camera

Everyone knows a social media obsessed teenager. The Re-Camera provides distraction-free video and photo capture in an easy to use handheld device. Intuitive control and one-touch cinematic effects allow teens to focus on the moment, rather than fiddling with the settings on their camera. The wide angle lens can easily capture fun-filled moments, even if that happens to be up to one meter underwater! Once the fun is done, they can stream photos directly to their phone for editing and sharing on social media. The compatible app even allows direct streaming to YouTube, so this generation’s social media stars can share their latest adventures with family, friends, and followers.

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Bluetooth Smartphone Controlled Robotic Ball

This little round robot is perfect for anyone who loves Star Wars. BB-8 is a real robot with an adaptive personality that changes as he’s played with. He can be guided around the house with a smartphone or voice commands. His interactive personality will even respond with expressions based on commands. Additionally, kids can set BB-8 to patrol mode and watch him roam autonomously, without any directions at all. Smartphone integrated holographic messaging even allows teens to record and view virtual holographic videos, creating a Star Wars video of their own. It really doesn’t get any cooler than having your own robot, no matter your age!

Merge Virtual Reality Goggles

Virtual reality is all the rage right now, which means gifting teens with VR goggles will make you the coolest parent on the block. The moment they slip their smartphone into these goggles and put them on they will be transported into an interactive world with no limits. Teens can virtually experience their favorite band playing in concert, play games, or fly into space simply by downloading apps onto their smartphone. The fun is literally endless with the amount of VR content ready to download. The merge VR goggles are compatible with most Android and IOS devices so anyone with a smartphone can explore worlds unknown, while in the comfort and safety of their own home.


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