Smart Toys for Mom and Dad

Gift giving isn’t just for the kids. Mom and Dad need cool, smart toys too. Dads are usually thought of as the tech nerds of the family, but Mom might be a tech-fiend as well. Whether they’re a novice when it comes to smart gadgets or they’re early adopters, these toys for Mom and Dad are sure to be exactly what parents are looking for this holiday season.

Streaming Device

If they don’t already have one, now is the time to get Mom and Dad a digital streaming device. Take your pick: Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, or a simple smart TV. Everyone is accustomed to watching TV on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. But, watch the family’s favorite shows on the big screen instead. These smart players turn your family room into a space for gaming, dancing, a movie theater, or even a classroom with the click of a button.

What’s even cooler, if it’s an Apple TV, Siri will come to the rescue for parents who seem lost in figuring it out. Simply tell Siri which movie you would like to watch and Siri will play it automatically. Easy, right?

Amazon Echo

The newest in personal assistants is Amazon’s Echo. Amazon Echo is a voice enabled wireless speaker designed for voice interaction for tasks or simple questions. Echo will answer to “Alexa,” “Echo,” or “Amazon.” This smart speaker was once available only to Amazon Prime members but has recently become available to everyone. Echo is capable of providing the weather, making to-do lists, playing music, and so much more.

For those busy mornings getting the kids ready, make parenthood a little easier. Get a compatible device and have Alexa turn the lights off when hands are full and minds have already been lost. And, when you’ve forgotten why you’re heading out, just ask. The Amazon Echo keeps track of the day’s agenda.

Samsung Gear VR

Game night just got interesting with this virtual reality gaming headset. The Samsung Gear VR headset uses the power of technology to give a 360-degree perspective on all your favorite games and videos.

Step into the action of Minecraft, Lost Cities, and Deer Hunter, with more games being added all the time. This VR headset offers endless hours of fun by creating a 3D world and putting you in the center. As a major bonus, this tech toy isn’t just for mom and dad, kids can get in on the fun of virtual reality too.

Logitech UE Roll

Start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions early. The Logitech UE Roll is a speaker perfect for the active lifestyle. It’s designed to give 360-degree sound for music on the go. It’s small and shockproof, so no matter what Mom and Dad’s favorite pastime is, they have tunes ready.

The UE Roll comes with a marine grade bungee cord so it can be strapped to your bike, backpack, or stroller, making it easy to tote around. It also has a 9-hour battery life. Even take it to the pool, the UE Roll speaker is waterproof up to 30 minutes.


Kimberly Lewis is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in education. She taught science at the Warren County Alternative School before choosing to continue her love of writing as a freelancer while at home raising her two children.

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