Play Time Management Lets Parents Set Gaming Limits For Kids

We trust our kids. But when it comes to gaming, it’s easy to run right through a stop sign and play for an extra hour or two and neglect something that needs attention, like homework or chores. And while micro-managing our kids through setting timers or just trying to remember if they’ve reached their limit for gaming for the day can work, it can also be painful and tedious.

Announced this week, the PS4 is rolling out a new option for parents in their latest software update. It’s called Play Time Management and gives you the ability to set limits for your kids without nagging and micro-managing. You can limit what games the kids are choosing as well, which can be helpful if you’ve got teens in the house along with some younger children.

While your child is playing, they’ll get a notification so they have a little time to plan on when they should save their game or try and start a new one. And parents can also add extra game time using their smartphone or computer if your little one has earned it. It should be rolling out soon to all PS4 owners but is currently only available as a beta to those who signed up and were selected for the early release program.

Of course, we think this is an excellent option for parents and can work hand in hand with your ChoreMonster points and rewards as well.

Joe Long