Get it all done.

Family life is always busy, and helping your kids get things done can be tough.

Now parents can get it all done in Mothershp. No chore charts or extra effort required. 
Create a more peaceful home environment with this easy-to-use app.

The Mothershp app connects with the ChoreMonster and Landra apps by allowing parents to assign chores and grant rewards.


How does it work?

Quickly and easily create scheduled chores with point values for teens in Landra and kids in ChoreMonster.

When kids complete chores, parents receive a notification for approval through Mothershp. Once approved, kids earn the points associated with that chore.

Add rewards for your kids to redeem with points earned – it can be an additional hour of screen time, a visit to the pool, their favorite pizza place, or money!

Watch your kids of every age willingly get it all done, without having to ask twice.

Here’s what parents are saying about Mothershp and our family of apps:

“We had a different chore chart before this…Loving this WAY more than before! ChoreMonster is fun for my 7 year old and Mothership is easy to use for mom.”

“This app is everything I’d hoped it would be. This helps with my child’s forgetfulness, without me having to become an angry mother.”
Rachel R.

“My kids are actually doing chores now that they have a point system and visuals to help them see what is completed. I highly recommend this app.”
Lisa H.

“Mothershp and ChoreMonster work hand in hand to help you manage your kids and your household. It is brilliantly disguised as a chore reward chart app but has magical powers…No more nagging, no more begging, no more bribing, no more yelling! My three children (ages 3, 8, 10) LOVE to use ChoreMonster and complete tasks to earn tickets and points that can add up to big rewards. Parents don’t have to think about what chores to assign or how many points to give or what rewards to offer for what amount of points. This app does it for you! And it’s easy to edit or add your own details. My kids and I can easily use it and it is making home chore life way more fun! Everyone pitches in and gets what they want in return!”