New updates to the Parents Section

Last week we introduced the first version of our Kids App which your child can download now and start using to keep track of his chores, rewards and monsters. This week we have some improvements for the parents!

After listening to your feedback and reevaluating some design and layout decisions (that we honestly made quickly and knew we’d update later — that happens sometimes) we’ve made several small updates that improve the way parents manage their kids chores.

First we added a “Skip” button so that parents could easily and quickly skip over chores that were not done or may not get done.

Second we’ve added a “Deny” button where a parent can send back a chore to their child if it wasn’t done properly.


Third we moved the entire chore and reward approval process to go into the respective Chores or Rewards tabs (for each child), clearly a more logical placement for them.

We continue to value your feedback (just click the Feedback tab in the Parents section) and are doing all we can to effectively and efficiently implement changes that will enhance the experience of ChoreMonster for parents and kids — so stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “New updates to the Parents Section”

  1. Is there a way to take points away? Say the job is completed but I want to take a few points away for a behavior issue or because an assigned job wasnt done….Is that doable?

  2. I added three “Chores” for behavior with a set amount of points for the day… 5, 10, and 15. Depending on their behavior I will give them a score and skip the other two amounts that they didnt meet! Im still in the testing fase to see if this works but I think it will!!

  3. Is there a group chore option? For example, we have 4 kids and offer
    ‘bonus” chores the can be done individually or they all split it. So if i offer $20 to wash my SUV and 2 kids do it, they get $10 each. iIf all 4 do it, they get $5 each..

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