Parenting Around The Web: Back To School Edition


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Every now and then, we take some time to link out to some other great parenting blogs around the web. Right now, it’s back to school time for most parents, so we thought it would be a good time to highlight some great back to school blog posts. Enjoy these posts and share some of your favorite links in the comments.

Top 10 Back To School Brain Foods via

The brains of students on their way back to school benefit from the chemicals found in certain foods. The Earth provides many tasty treats for students, but don’t leave these foods behind in the school cafeteria. The foods help brain functioning in all people, not just young scholars.

7 Huge Mistakes Back-To-School Shoppers Make via ABCNews

If you have kids in school—K through 12 or college—you don’t need anyone to remind you that back-to-school season has arrived.

7 Common Back to School Hassles and Simple Parenting Solutions via

Though back to school should be exciting, parents often describe frantic mornings, hectic evenings, and plain bad memories. Homework wars…lost library books…last-minute assignments…missed buses…sleepy heads…forgotten lunches…missed breakfasts…late starts are just a few of the common parenting concerns.

Back To School: Technology That’s Elementary via ReadWrite

Getting your kids ready for grade school? Here are some tech tips to help prepare them for the year ahead.

Everything I Want My Son To Know Before Kindergarten via Huffington Post Parenting Blog

Yesterday, my 5-year-old came down the stairs naked. Explaining his missing clothes, he said, “Mommy, I wanted to get naked.” I had no problem with that. Until I noticed he was still wearing his socks. White athletic socks, pulled up to mid-shin. It was chilly, but style cannot be sacrificed for comfort. I called him to the bottom of the stairs and told him he can get as naked as he wants, as often as he wants, but the socks always come off first. He’ll thank me for this later.


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