Acts of Love: Create Harmony and Positivity in Your Relationship

Each person has their own individual style of giving and receiving love. One way that we prefer to show our love to others, and when they communicate with us in that way, makes us feel especially loved. While this idea is familiar to some, others may not be as aware. Especially in understanding that partners […]

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FamilyTech is a Proud Partner of Circle with Disney

Families currently using the Mothershp, ChoreMonster or Landra apps now have a cool new way to link chores and screen time. We are teaming up with Circle Media, Inc.’s flagship product, Circle. Just as FamilyTech’s goal is to help make every home a joyful place, and create options for parents and families to manage their […]

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Tech Tool Of The Month: REMI

Sleep. It’s the one thing most parents need most when kids are young. And while it’s generally known that consistency with sleep schedules and routines are what work best for children, it’s tough to achieve. So whether you have a baby that you want to keep closer tabs on while they sleep or a toddler that […]

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6 Ways to Save Money on Spring Break

Many families look forward to Spring Break for a quick family trip before the school year comes to an end. As many prepare for stay-cations, road trips, or international adventure, these apps and websites will help keep cash in everyone’s pockets. HotelTonight HotelTonight is a website and app that offers last minute deals on hotel […]

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Revolutionary Technology Improves the Way Athletes Train

No pain, no gain. At least that used to be the adage associated with professional sports. While athletes of the past were worshiped for their ability to play through painful injuries, new technology might mean they no longer have to suck it up and play.   Sports medical technology is a rapidly expanding field aiming […]

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The Documentarian Generation: Trading Living for Likes

Do you remember the last time you heard one of your grandparents tell a story? If you do, you’ll likely remember their story as if it was a memory of your own. Why is this? It seems that past generations have an uncanny long-term memory, even when their day-to-day memory fails them.   Last week […]

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Women in STEM Celebrate as Women of NASA Comes to LEGO

For parents who have been waiting for that one toy to get their girls into STEM, LEGO is about to make dreams come true later this year. After the success of Hidden Figures and a spark in interest from girls everywhere to get into space and STEM, there was no denying that a project proposal […]

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