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Family Movies Coming To Netflix November 2017

Every month, streaming services like Netflix say goodbye to loads of movies and television and add a slew of new options for subscribers. Here at FamilyTech, we take a look at the incoming films and pick some that look like a good fit for family viewing. And you know this already, but keep it age […]

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Landra, Parenting

Let Teens Earn Their Independence

In one way or another we prepare for our children to leave the nest from their first breath. We love them and protect them, watch as they learn to do more and more on their own. As they enter their teens, their focus shifts away from the family and they begin to prioritize peer relationships. […]

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HoneyDo, Technology

The One Relationship You Have To Stop Neglecting

Life can get out of control very quickly. And when you’re trying to manage your home, your kids, your job, and whatever social calendar you still have time for, other things can suffer. One of the first things that can quickly be neglected is your relationship with your significant other.  So, how do you find […]

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Why aren’t your kids listening to podcasts?

The world of podcasts is as big as it’s ever been. As of 2016, 21% of Americans age 12 or older say they had listened to a podcast in the past month, reflecting steady incremental growth since 2013 – when this share was 12%. And the growth of this medium means that the doors are […]

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5 Family Friendly GPS Tracking Devices

As autumn continues and Halloween approaches, many children and their families are preparing spooky costumes, buying candy for trick-or-treaters, and making plans for the big day. Whether it’s going out with a group of friends, or tagging along with another family, it can be difficult for parents not to worry about their children, especially when […]

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