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5 Time Management Apps for Children

School is in full swing, and for many children and parents that means the chaos of after-school activities, homework, and busyness has begun! Staying organized and implementing structure into daily routines is important for children, but doing so isn’t always easy. Prioritizing tasks, visualizing time, and completing duties aren’t always taught in school. Try these […]

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Stop Doing Your Kid’s Homework For Them

Photo credit: OakleyOriginals / Foter / CC BY As the new school year is in full swing, it’s time to talk about how we as parents, approach homework. Each night, our kids get down to business and usually need a bit of help to get started, and more to get finished. As a parent, we […]

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Tech Tool Of The Month

Tech Tool Of The Month: Leela Kids

Are your kids into podcasts yet? In the past, we’ve recommended some great ones for family listening. Of course, there are going to be podcasts that your kids are going to love that you might be less than interested in hearing. And knowing that they are making smart, age-appropriate choices, when they dive into the […]

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3 Tech Tools To Help Your Children Sleep Better

If you are reading this in the morning, then you probably are already anticipating the moment when your head sinks into your fluffy pillow, and you draw the covers up to your chin. Sleep is golden. As adults, we understand the immeasurable benefit of a good night’s sleep. It replenishes our energy and helps to […]

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These Apps Could Save Your Life During A Natural Disaster

In the past month, the United States and beyond have experienced a rash of natural disasters. From the headline grabbing tragedies of Hurricane Harvey and Irma to the devastating wildfires in the American Northwest. If disaster strikes, you’d be surprised how important your smartphone can become. When the power is out, and you need information […]

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Tech Products

5 Tech Products To Simplify Your Kid’s School Year

School is in full swing now for most, and if you’re having a little trouble easing into the transition, we have a few tech products to recommend that might help. Witti Beddi Glow This isn’t your average alarm clock. It wakes you up with sunlight-simulating light. It can also give you the scoop on traffic […]

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