New Years Chore Resolutions

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It’s the first month of the new year, and that means lots of us are thinking about how we can tackle 2016. We want to put our best foot forward, correct bad habits and resolve to make it a better year than 2015. There is nothing wrong with resolutions, they can actually be amazing motivators for many people, but without a solid plan and some accountability, they can fade as quickly your Christmas decorations by late January.

Where do chores fit in with your resolutions?

I’m betting that the sanity of your home and your daily routines are pretty important to you. I know as a parent, how vital structure can be when it comes to the overall happiness of your home. None of us want to continue to endure the cycle of giving chores, nagging when they aren’t finished and getting angry about the process.

That’s why ChoreMonster makes sense.

If you really want to resolve to make a fresh start with your kids and their chores this year, there isn’t a better option out there. Of course I’m biased, but so are our users and their families, who use ChoreMonster and have seen it make a positive difference in their homes.

The impact can be immediate, but as a parent, YOU have to be consistent.

So whether you are trying out ChoreMonster for the first time, or just trying to get back with the program like I am with my kids after the holiday break, it’s as good a time as any to make a New Years Resolution.

Make that resolution to prioritize structure and positive reinforcement in your home with the help of ChoreMonster, you won’t regret it.


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