Get it all done.

With Mothershp, it’s possible. No chore charts or extra effort required.
Mothershp is a mobile app for parents to connect with their kids through technology to get stuff done.




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How does it work?

  • Quickly and easily create scheduled chores with point values for your teens and young kids. When your child says they’re done, you approve and they get the points.
  • Add rewards for your kids to redeem with those points – you can add screen time, a visit to the pool, their favorite pizza place or money!
  • Watch yours kids of every age willingly get it all done, without having to ask twice!


But don’t just take our word for it.

(here’s what our users say about our kids app, ChoreMonster)

“Once we tried ChoreMonster, our son began to be interested in doing chores because he earns points and monsters. When we figured out that ChoreMonster worked and kept him interested, we stuck with it, and it has continued to work well for our family.”

“With ChoreMonster, I don’t feel like I constantly have to remind the girls to do things. It can be tiresome being the one constantly telling the kids to do this and do that. ChoreMonster encourages the kids to take responsibility around the house and makes it fun for them.”

“ChoreMonster is helping my children work together and communicate with each other. One child will have part of a large job and another will have the other half. Best of all, my 5 year-old can use ChoreMonster!”