FamilyTech offers brands and businesses a highly-curated, precisely-targeted family-focused environment where your marketing will be effective and your brands will be safe.

Winner, “Outstanding Marketing Innovation,” 2017 Cincinnati Business Courier Innovation and Technology Awards

Our apps are used by millions of families to make life easier and more rewarding. They include:

How it works:

To provide a pristine environment for our users and our brand partners, we limit advertising to four concurrent campaigns per relevant app. (Kids will see branded content on ChoreMonster only when their parents share it.) We also offer category exclusivity for the duration of your campaign.

Brands can comfortably integrate into the platform and suggest their products as solutions and rewards at moments when users are most receptive to the contact. Per our CEO, Chris Bergman: “We allow brands to provide suggestions that are contextually relevant to the tasks families are completing throughout the day.”

We offer six ways to engage, grow, and learn while putting your brands at the center of family interactions and building trust.

1. Advertising
Choose a short- or long-term campaign based on business needs. Choose a CPM or CPC approach, and sponsor tasks and rewards. Deliver your content and / or call to action to your target audience in a clutter-free, brand-safe environment, with 10x the engagement rate vs. other platforms.

2. Tasks & Rewards
In conjunction with your advertising, sponsor a task or reward, depending on the nature of your brand. Make your brands active and valued participants in the daily lives of consumers, deepening emotional loyalty. 

3. Sampling
Send relevant samples to a precisely-defined audience. Our users have an 86% sample trial rate. We can also measure the long-term impact of sampling. 

4. Tech Integration
Link your app or other technology with ours. Extend and engage your audience, and support your brand image through a partnership with FamilyTech. 

5. Licensing
License our proven, proprietary capability which has motivated and rewarded tens of millions of behaviors. Simplify your processes and deliver mission-critical impacts and outcomes. 

6. Insights
Learn how millions of families are using your categories and brands (insights exclude Personally Identifiable Information). Real-world, reliable insights from families, based on your unique learning requirements. 


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What our clients are saying:

“On behalf of our team, I’d like to sincerely thank you for running a strong program for us.”

“We see this as a successful payout.”

“You have a great capability to target successfully.”

“We look forward to partnering with you again.”