How To Make March Madness Fun For The Whole Family

This week, the NCAA Tournament starts. And, if your family are big fans of basketball or just have a casual interest, here is something fun to help spice up the next couple of weeks. It’s easy, and everyone can participate.

Each family member fills out a tournament bracket and the person with the most correct picks after the National Championship game is the winner. Prizes can range from bragging rights to cash, with plenty of fun options in between. Figure out whatever your kids are interested in (within reason) and make that the prize. For example, you might decide that the contest winner gets to pick the restaurant the next time you’re out to dinner. And, maybe the runner-up gets to choose dessert.

The stakes are usually low, but your kids will be much more interested and might even have fun watching the games and results come in. Even if they’re too young to fill out a bracket on their own, it’s entertaining to listen to them choose between two school names that you read aloud as they make their choices.

And, what’s great about the NCAA Tournament is that it’s not only exciting but really random at times. You might find that your youngest child is the best at making these selections! You can structure the rules as loosely as you’d like, or do a quick Google search to find out how office pools score things. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to help get you started.

1) Find a printable NCAA Tournament Bracket like this one. Or, start a group on Yahoo, ESPN, or another site.

2) Pass out the brackets to family members and have them make their picks. Help the younger kids by announcing the names of each team that is facing off and let them pick who they think will win.

3) Once they are all finished, announce who each family member has in the Final Four and who they have winning it all.

4) After each round, Mom or Dad updates the points and lets everyone know who is leading. The papers can be on the fridge or another place where everyone can check their progress.

5) After the tournament, make sure the winner gets a prize of some sort.

Have some extra fun with your family this March with the NCAA Tournament!

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