It Takes An Online Village

You’ve heard it before; it takes a village to raise a child. And, sometimes parents find that this couldn’t be any truer. The modern working parent will have more job titles than those of the past; transitioning on average every three years. This means it is likely that the modern parent will find themselves not only shifting roles but perhaps relocating altogether.

Although exciting, this ever-changing lifestyle can make it difficult for parents to create a much-needed village of support. However, some online villages can help parents find the support they’re looking for. These days, it tends to matter less who makes up your parental village and more about how they can help you become the best parent to your children.

Even Online Villages Provide the Support Parents Need

Online villages can provide parents with unrestricted (24/7) access to a diverse group of individuals with varied experiences and knowledge. This is invaluable as parents can seek advice from others who have been there before. These digital connections have the ability to connect people who live near one another or those who share similar parenting philosophies. Regardless of creating or joining a village, the key benefit remains the same: Support.

Consider searching Facebook for groups in your area that share your parenting style or kids at similar ages and stages. Ask questions, get to know members of the group, and consider asking someone to meet in person if the opportunity presents itself. A simple Google search can even show you local story times, businesses that offer age appropriate classes, or events happening around you where friends and connections can be made.

But, Be Picky About Your Village

As with many things online there are drawbacks to leaning on a community of people whom you don’t know well. There are many ways to raise children, and often these choices lead to heated debates and even forms of parental shaming. While it can be exciting to discuss differences politely and openly, a village meant for support is not the place to stir controversy. It should be a place full of a desire to be there for one another.

Don’t let the digital world of highlight reels let you forget that many super moms and dads still have family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors out there offering a shoulder, an ear, or some sort of break from the tough and rewarding world of real-life parenting. They say it takes a village for a reason; so, why not take the time to grow and create one that is uniquely your own?


Are you far from the typical village? How have you managed?


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