How long did it take for your kids?

It takes a lot to get all three of my boys in the same habit. It seems like we can get one of them to make their bed everyday for a week, while another might actually take the time to flush the toilet on a consistent basis. And then the third usually does neither of those two things. If only they could all do the things that it feels like we nag them about on a consistent basis.

So when we decided to add ChoreMonster to the mix, I had some serious doubts about how long it would take for it to ‘click’ with the kids and they would be ready to tackle it on their own without constant reminders.

I had a hunch that it would click first for my eight year old, and sure enough, about two weeks in, I had my confirmation during bedtime prayers.

My 8 year old: “Dear Lord, thank you for this day and please help me to get enough points on ChoreMonster to get the Lego Death Star. Amen.”

Yeah, he was in.

It took a little longer for the older boys, admittedly. You might recall my story about our 12 year old and his attempt to quit. In that same post I mentioned what helped to pull him out of his stubborn state, and one of those things was small, attainable rewards.

Another huge milestone for us though, honestly, was technology based. My kids don’t have IPod touches, so in order for us to do ChoreMonster we had to use laptops or desktops. There is nothing wrong with this but it just wasn’t as easy and as a result, it took longer to make it a habit.

Then we gave the kids a shared IPad for Christmas and suddenly… clicked! They had easier, regular access to the app because they were using the IPad daily and it was right there in front of them.

I’m certain there will be more challenges and lulls in our routine, but those things really made a difference.

How long did it take for your kids and what helped the most?


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