How I became a parent blogger, or parent that blogs … whatever

Hi, I'm Joe

Hey everyone! Happy New Year!

It’s introduction time today on your friendly Choremonster blog and I’m the one doing the introductions, of myself.

Um… Anyway, I’m new to this blog and can’t wait to get started, so I thought the best way to do that would be to tell you a little bit about who I am and what the heck I’m doing here.

My name is Joe and I’m a blogger. I mostly blog about music but have written about several other things through the years on this here world wide web. Honestly, I spend almost all of my time online. Wait, that sounds bad. I spend almost all of my time reading. Yeah, reading, that’s better.

And oh yeah, did I mention I’m a Dad, just like most of you? (or Mom of course)

And oh yeah, I’m a Dad with three boys, ages 15, 12 and 8.

And oh yeah, we have a blended family, with two of my boys arriving immediately after “I now pronounce you husband and wife” and arriving a lot larger than most new children!

And of course I have an amazing wife that somehow manages to put up with a house full of dudes and somehow keeps her sanity, usually.

Ok, so that feels like a lot, but that’s me. I have some things about my life that are similar to yours, and some things that are different, but one thing is very common, we want our kids to be our slaves do their chores and actually have fun doing them! And in some cases, our kids might actually ‘want’ to do their chores.

Choremonster is set up that way, giving us the tools to make this happen.

So as long as they let me write here, I’ll be talking about my own parenting challenges, victories and defeats. And even more importantly, I’ll be asking you about yours. Hopefully we can be as conversational as a blog on the internet will allow.

Have any questions for me right off the bat? Ask them in the comments and also know that I’ll be hanging out with you all on Twitter and Facebook as well.

~ Joe


4 thoughts on “How I became a parent blogger, or parent that blogs … whatever”

  1. Hiiiiiiiii, Joe (AA cadence)

    Great start as a 2013 Dad Blogger!

    Having four of my own and two of them teenage boys I am ready to receive your sage advise.

  2. It’s gonna be a good year! I’m looking forward to ‘hearing’ your thoughts. So far, I like the way you spin things erm, think. I like the way you think.

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