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With the Christmas season in our rearview mirrors, many parents are now looking to clean things up. That can mean several things, but as American parents, we know that one of those areas is stuff. When I say stuff, I’m talking about the piles of things your kids possess. Toys, games, dolls, clothes, sports stuff, and whatever else.

Most of us are used to seeing these piles of things, but they are looming larger than usual now that Christmas is over. And even if your gift giving was modest, you have more than you did a month ago to clean up, organize, or figure out how to make fit in your life.

Purging old stuff is a great way to handle this issue, and you’d be surprised at how agreeable your kids will be about it. The older your kids get, the easier this should be, just do a room clean and pinpoint stuff that they no longer play with or care about and ask if they’re willing to give it up.

This gives them an opportunity to give things away to needier families and for you to de-clutter their rooms and your home. If the toys or items are in good shape, bag them up and head to the trusted charity of your choice to donate.

Here are some more helpful guides to adopting this strategy.

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  1. I try to include my daughter in selecting the toys and clothing that she no longer uses. We usually sell them at a consignment sale and she earns the money made from the toys that have sold (we donate what does not sell). If she chooses to spend the money made from the consignment sale, she usually purchases a larger item with it so one or two items replace the 10 or more that she has purged. She learns about money and cleaning.

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