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For many parents, summer is well underway and you are dealing with a new challenge when it comes to your household chores. In the past, I’ve recommended lots of ways to incorporate ChoreMonster into your summer routine, but today, I have a different suggestion.

Give your kids free ChoreMonster points.

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That’s right, do it. The reason? There doesn’t have to be one, but if you want, just think of something encouraging. You can tell them great job in school this year or that you’ve noticed how well they play with their siblings. Whatever it is, it’s as good a time as any to give them a point boost, which is easy to do using your parent login.

One of the reasons I’m recommending this is because I think that it’s easy for those of us that are hardcore ChoreMonster parents to begin to quantify EVERYTHING in ChoreMonster points. You get into the habit, see it working, and then every time your kid wants anything ever you tell them they need the points to do it. There is nothing wrong with this to a degree, especially if you are seeing results, but sometimes it’s just good to throw the rule book out for a minute and give your kids a boost (or a privilege outside of the app entirely.)

So try it today, I did with my three boys this morning, who I gave 50 points each to just to get them re-engaged with ChoreMonster as the summer schedule takes root. I’d love to hear how it goes in your house.


2 thoughts on “Free ChoreMonster Points”

  1. I like the idea of giving my children a point boost, but where do they see that I did it? Obviously the points get added on to their total, but I want them to see the REASON I gave them the points. I’ve done this several times and my kids have never been able to see WHY they got the points. And since they don’t keep their current points memorized in their heads, they can’t even tell when I’ve given them. Am I missing something obvious, or can they not see that they’ve received a point boost apart from checking their score?

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