You know, for kids

“Ninety percent of the children’s books patronize the child and say there’s a difference between you and me, so you listen to this story. I, for some reason or another, don’t do that. I treat the child as an equal.”

Can guess who said this quote (without me telling you, and I won’t, yet*, because I believe that it’s apparent when an author; or cartoonist or product, etc, is treating a child as an equal and when he/she is not)? This quote is something we at ChoreMonster full-heartedly believe and attempt to execute. Our greatest challenge has been how do we treat a child as an equal — or more to the point, how do we treat a child with respect? Afterall, they are the essential piece of our audience; if your kids don’t love ChoreMonster, then you as a parent won’t continue to use ChoreMonster with them.

We thought it ought to be easy to make products for kids; especially since we’re already attune to our inner 10 year old, all you have to do is emulate the style of Pixar or Disney or Looney Tunes or Tom & Jerry or Hanna-Barbera or Pinky And the Brain (or fill in with any childhood cartoon you loved) and you have instant kid appeal, right? Well, not exactly. That might work in terms of “style”, but style without substance is empty and forgettable, and we aren’t interested in creating a forgettable product. So apart from “style”, what we had to ask ourself, what is the essence of the things we watched and played with as kids that resonant our entire lives? We believe it’s distinction and personality.

Our approach has been, and will always be, to treat our audience with respect.  We won’t create something that is merely “child-like” but rather create something for kids with all the care, craft and professionalism as we would for adults. We will generate content for kids that is infused with the mission of our brand; which is to illicit response, reward action and delight and entertain through the process.

Kids are our equals, and as equals we do all we can to create a product that makes them laugh, helps them stay motivated and keeps them engaged. We don’t want you to use ChoreMonster just because it’s for kids, we hope that you to use ChoreMonster because your kids love it.


*The quote above is from Dr. Seuss (but I bet you knew that).



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