Five Summer Treats To Make With Your Kids

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It’s summertime and in most cities, the heat is starting to really get cranked up. The kids are home for most, if not all, of the day, and if your family is like mine, there are several lulls in your average day that require a little bit of creativity to get through smoothly.

So today, we thought it would be fun to recommend five different treats you can make with your kids that don’t require too much cost or energy to pull off, courtesy of some great bloggers across the web. Here they are!

1) 4th Of July Pudding Pops: We Made That provides a great treat for a hot day, that also happens to be pretty patriotic! These pudding pops look pretty easy to make and are sure to be a big hit with the kids in your house.

2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pancakes: These not only look super cool, but I’m betting they taste great too. The Joys Of Boys provides the recipe and directions for these pancakes that should get your boys, and maybe girls, helping out at breakfast.

3) Chocolate Slime Playdough: This recipe has two things going for it. It’s something to play with and something to eat. Epic Fun For Kids gives you the recipe and some recommendations for this super fun playdough.

4) Homemade Pizza Pockets: How about a new, fun idea for lunch? The Taylor House has a great idea that your kids can help with that is both simple and looks really delicious. Let your kids pitch in and create their own custom pizza pocket for lunch.

5) Homemade Slushies: Here is another great recipe that is perfect for a hot summer day. Love From The Oven provides this easy recipe that will keep your kids engaged and ready for a cool treat.


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