FamilyTech Introduces Multi-Parent Feature in Mothershp App

Ask and you shall receive. Well, for this particular case that is. Our ChoreMonster users have been asking since the beginning of (our) time for the option to include multiple, or different “parents.” Since the introduction of Mothershp, we’ve been able to finally answer the call and make the change.



Now, you can add multiple parents to your family. Bring moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, and uncles into the family economy. The new parent user will be able to work inside the app just like the current parent. Adding a parent is easy, just follow these steps:


  • The current parent heads into the Menu tab on Mothershp and taps the YOUR PARENTS icon.
  • Hit, ADD A PARENT and follow the steps in the form to create this new member.
  • Add a photo as your avatar and name yourself.
  • To switch between users on the same device, it’s as easy as the red SWITCH USER button at the bottom of the Menu.

This feature allows other parents to edit account information in case anyone ever forgets their username or password. The additional parent also as the same abilities as the initial parent user. Whether they’re looking to add more children, create new chores or rewards, or if they happen to be the parent available to approve chore completion and reward redemption, it’s all possible. It’s that easy, and of course, allows for the entire family to interact and work together to bring sanity to the household.

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