FamilyTech Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming up. Don’t get stuck without something for the most important guy in your life. Here’s a list of some of the coolest gadgets and heartfelt items you could get Dad this year. Whether it’s something special from Mom or something easy from the kids, there’s something here for every Dad.

Blade Nano Drone

We’re pretty sure every dad wants a drone. So, we’ve chosen this one that offers a first-person view (FPV) to allow him to see everything in real-time. Whether he’s flying this thing in the house and spying on the kids doing homework, or he’s outside checking out the neighbor’s new grill, the Blade Nano gets in done stealthily.

Philips NC1/27 Fidelio Noise Cancelling Headphones

Pretty much everyone has a pair of the headphones that come with their smartphone, but it’s time to upgrade. This noise canceling, ergonomic memory foam option from Philips is an affordable piece of equipment from a well-trusted brand. It has great sound quality and easily folds up to fit into any bag or briefcase if Dad travels a lot.

Apple Watch Nike+

The Apple Watch Nike+ is the next generation in flexible, lightweight smartwatch options. It’s perfect for upcoming Summer days, whether Dad loves to hit the pavement and track his speed, or if he’s counting steps while mowing the lawn. The watch even offers Nike+ Run Club for coaching and camaraderie so he’s never left out to dry on a long run.

You Rock Dad

If Dad is in a house full of little ones who want to do something a little more hands-on this Father’s Day, this printable from Katarina’s Paperie is easy, fun, and can be done quickly (if you’re into last-minute gifts). Gather a few rocks from the backyard, let kids color away inside the You Rock Dad text and voila!

Travel Cocktail Kit

Maybe Dad travels a lot, or maybe he likes a little extra spirit during baseball games, either way, The Carry on Cocktail Kit has something for him. It comes in different flavors so he’ll have everything he needs whether he’s in the mood for a Bloody Mary, Old Fashioned, Champagne Cocktail, or even a Moscow Mule. It’s TSA approved so he’s ready to go no matter where he’s at in the world.


Dad is probably a multi-device kind of guy. Most people are, actually. This Mountie by Ten One Design is exactly what he needs to make sure he can watch the game on his phone while answering all of his work emails. Or, perhaps he’s watching a game on his phone and another game on his computer. Either way, the clip supports a phone or tablet attached to a laptop for maximum efficiency.

GolfPad Tags

If Dad loves to swing a club or two and has himself and Android, then GolfPad Tags are the perfect gift to…well…perfect his game. He can track, analyze, and improve his game in real-time with the GolfPad GPS app and the pads attached to each of his clubs. The tags work with 34,000 courses worldwide so he’s sure to find his favorite fairways no matter where he is.


Qalo is reinventing the wedding ring experience. Many couples remove their rings for various reasons. Maybe Dad isn’t a fan of the way his wedding band rubs against his golf clubs, or feels like he needs to remove it every time he’s fixing one of his tools. Now he doesn’t have to. The Qalo ring is made of silicone so it won’t scratch, break, or require Dad to compromise wearing his ring or participating in whatever makes him feel energized.

And, if Dad won’t mind waiting a couple weeks…

Amazon Echo Show

The echo show won’t be available until June 28, but it can show dad the weather, his morning sports highlights, home security cameras, to-do lists (maybe Mom can get him a HoneyDo list?), and so much more. It uses the technology in Alexa to recognize voice commands but has enhanced visual capabilities. We’re going to bet he won’t mind opening up that IOU on Father’s Day if he knows this is coming soon.


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