Don’t Go Tech Free This Thanksgiving

This week, families come together to give thanks, spread cheer, and likely, spend time with those they don’t see quite as often as they should. The reality around Thanksgiving is that it can be awkward, especially when old Aunt Mildred spends hours doting over the kids she’s been incessantly following through Facebook. Instead of sitting too close to Mildred as she scrolls through the photos taken last Christmas, let technology bring the family closer together. Mix up traditions this year. Put a modern spin on post-Thanksgiving dinner activities.

Share What They Haven’t Seen

Instead of football, share even more videos and pictures on the big screen. All that’s needed is an HDTV, an internet connection, and video streaming. Popular options include the new line of Roku players, Apple TV, Google Cast, and Amazon Fire. All of these devices provide simple set up through an HDMI port. Share the school events everyone missed, vacation pictures, and the latest mini-movies from Snapchat’s saved memories.

Get Your Binge On

After three-too-many helpings of food, throw on the new season of Stranger Things on Netflix and let everyone relax. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or Amazon Prime Video can make the most of sharing great television with the people you love most. Kids love scrolling through the movies and shows. Let them choose what’s on the watch agenda as the food settles in.

Life’s A Dance

Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited all offer users the ability to stream millions of songs on compatible devices. Prepare playlists ahead of time to set the mood during appetizers, dinner, and then let loose afterward. Dance off some of those calories. Connect a computer, phone, or tablet to a stereo system or Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music throughout the house. Make sure to prepare. Subscribe to some of the free streaming services before the big day, or be sure to factor in their free trial periods to use during the family gathering.

The Family That Plays Together

Traditional board games are great, but technology offers a new way to enjoy these favorites as a family. Hasbro offers several variations of the classic Monopoly on iOS and Android. Or try Heads Up!, an updated and hilarious version of Charades, made popular by Ellen DeGeneres. Heads Up! Is the perfect way to get everyone involved as there’s no limit to the number of players.

Photo credit: Stacy Spensley via / CC BY


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