Four New Chore Reward Ideas

We are always on the hunt for cool new chore rewards here at ChoreMonster. We usually look for our kids but end up wanting to buy some of the products for ourselves. Here are a handful of cool new chore reward ideas that your kids might be into.

Darth Vader Kids Shoes


Are you kids just starting to get into Star Wars? Here is a really fun option from Stride Rite.

The total Darth Vader experience now with sound. Hear Darth Vader’s iconic breathing at the touch of a button. The super cool molded Darth mask acts as an alternative closure for easy on/off adjustability. Plus, it lights up with every step and features mesh linings for comfort and breathability.

Back To The Future Lego Deloreaon


If you haven’t introduced your kids to the Back To The Future trilogy yet, well what are you waiting for? One thing that needs no introduction of course are Legos, and this set looks like one you’ll wanna help build with your kids.

Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster


One of the hottest summer movies brings us a gun that belongs in any home, especially one with boys running around.

As featured in the Despicable Me 2 movie, the Fart Blaster features sound effects, light, and scent.

Wait, scent? Uh oh.

Kids Magnatab

For younger kids, check out this cool Magnatab.

Get your kids started off on the right foot with a toy that makes learning to write letters fun. The Magnatab is a great toy that teaches kids their letters by using up, down and sideways arrows. As they write the letters, the lines fill in with silver beads to let them know they are doing it right.



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