ChoreMonster Pumpkin Carvers

It’s officially October and is finally starting to look like the fall season is upon us. One of the things that is always a really great fall tradition is pumpkin carving with your family. I know it’s always a good time in my house, and I hope you take the time to work together as a family, carve pumpkins, and try not to slice open your hand in the process.

A couple years ago, we decided to try and make ChoreMonster part of this tradition, and came up with some great ChoreMonster pumpkin stencils! Download any of these three stencils, slap them on your pumpkin, trace and then carve away!

Download ChoreMonster Pumpkin Carver #1
Download ChoreMonster Pumpkin Carver #2
Download ChoreMonster Pumpkin Carver #3

If you use our stencils for your pumpkins this year, we would love to see how they turn out. Send us a note on Twitter or via our Facebook page.


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