ChoreMonster Parent IOS app now available!

New ChoreMonster App is Here!

You asked for it and now it’s finally here! The brand new, turbo charged, rocket fueled version of the ChoreMonster IOS app!

What’s so great about the new version of the app?

Well for one, it gives parents the ability to use our app for the first time. So now Mom and Dad can log in using their IOS device and add, edit and manage all their kids chores and rewards.

Kids have more interactive and improved ways to complete chores, get rewards and win monsters at the Monster Carnival!

Do you have questions about how ChoreMonster works? Check out our FAQ and there is a pretty good chance your question can be answered.

Download the app now! And if you like what you see, send a review our way via the app store.


7 thoughts on “ChoreMonster Parent IOS app now available!”

  1. Kudos! Great implementation and good UI design. It is so much more convenient to be able to mark off chores right on my phone when I am with my kids working than it it is to run back to the computer. Plus, they love doing the carnival spins on the phone. Do you have an iPad app in the works? The Web site works well on the iPad but the native app would be really nice.

    Also, do you have plans to add an Approve All button on the chores like you have on the site? That would be a nice feature.

    My kids love the hiding monster that pops up to reveal the other menu areas in the kids side of the app.

    I really appreciate your great ideas and all of the hard work that clearly went into making Choremonster. I happily paid up for a year membership, not just for the Carnival, but mostly to support the efforts you are making with a program that has an obvious benefit to my family!

  2. Adam, thanks so much for the kinds words and for supporting ChoreMonster! Good suggestions too, I will pass them along to our team.



  3. Great concept and love this idea. If there were an Android version I would be signing up today. When will an Android version be available?


  4. We understand Android users desire for a native app. We’re doing all we can to look into a solution that is feasible for us to implement for Android users. I know that’s not the answer you’re probably looking for, but it’s the best we can offer for right now.

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