Android and Kindle Fire owners, ChoreMonster is (finally) here!

In April, we launched ChoreMonster 2.0, adding lots of new features that parents have been asking for. Well, we’ve been busy. Today, we’re launching ChoreMonster for Android and Kindle Fire.

What does it mean?!
Everything about ChoreMonster, including all of the new features that added in ChoreMonster 2.0, is now available for your Samsung Galaxy S 4, 5, 12, HTC One, 2, 7, Nexus 7, Kindle Fires, and loads of other Android thingies. A lot of them, really, and we’ll be adding support for more of them in the coming weeks, so if your device isn’t supported now, keep an eye out–we won’t sleep until we support as many as possible! Well, we’ll sleep, but not as much as usual.

Download ChoreMonster at Google Play
Download ChoreMonster at Amazon Appstore

Go ahead… do it!


6 thoughts on “Android and Kindle Fire owners, ChoreMonster is (finally) here!”

  1. I have a Kindle Fire, but in the app store it doesn’t have this app to download!

  2. I am soooo sad! I was so excited to see this announcement finally! But alas, it’s not compatible with my LG phone. 🙁 I will continue to wait…. LOL

  3. Downloaded it from the Amazon app store, but it’s been a real “chore” setting it up! I’ve tried a dozen different “easy” user names for me and my kiddos and I keep getting the message that “user name is taken”. The real problem is getting back to the screen where you choose a name. Too much of a chore!

  4. Before I downloaded ChoreMonster, my son who has ADHD, he always complained when I asked him to do a chore. My daughter saw this on tv and suggested me to research on it. So I did, and thought to give it a try. After I downloaded, my son LOVE it!!!! He even asked me to add chores! I was surprised that he didn’t even complain about doing chores! I really recommend this to everyone and even parents who has ADHD children, please give this a try, u will love it. Believe me, u will love it. My son has 14 chores (even if it takes a minutes, he asked for it

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