Monster Carnival: A Different Kind of Chore Wheel

Are you thinking about assembling a chore wheel to get your kids to do chores? We know wheels can be pretty exciting. They help us get from point-to-point on bikes, cars, skateboards, unicycles, etc. Chore wheels, though, aren’t nearly as exciting, especially for kids. A few pieces of construction paper and markers make for a great kid-friendly project, but no reward system for chores? No encouragement for your kids!

Chore wheel?  More like bore wheel.
Chore wheel?  Where are the monsters?

We’ve constructed a different kind of chore wheel. We call it the Monster Carnival. With a membership to ChoreMonster, your kids will earn a ticket to the Monster Carnival for each chore they complete. At the Carnival, they spin the wheel and can win monsters, or a selection of well-chosen consolation prizes, like a jar of farts or stinky socks. It’s just another way to keep your kids engaged and excited about chores.

ChoreMonster Monster Carnival

Now THAT’S a chore wheel!

Put down the scissors and put away the construction paper. ChoreMonster will get your kids excited about doing their chores.  No chore wheels required. Sign up today!


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