How about a little chore challenge?

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ChoreMonster has created a system which makes chores fun for you kids. It might even make them beg to do more chores because of the potential rewards they can unlock. But even the most enthusiastic family can fall into a rut every now and then.

If you’ve become a ChoreMonster regular, you know that it’s important to spice things up every now and then. Well today, we have some suggestions for you that might keep things from getting bogged down when it comes to your chore routine.

How about spicing things up with a little friendly challenge? You might have read about the dinnertime competition that we started to use to calm down a sometimes crazy family meal, but there are more things you could try as well. And just to be fair, these ‘challenges’ are meant to get your kids excited about chores, not to declare a winner over a loser, because I know that can lead to meltdowns in some homes. So take that into account before adopting one or more of these suggestions.

1) Bonus Points: You can give bonus points for just about anything by adding it as a separate chore for your child to confirm, if they earned it of course. You could give a bonus for your child having a week where they complete all of their chores, a bonus for an especially well done chore or even some bonus points for a great report card. Get creative.

2) How about a race?: This might be worth trying if your kids are closer in age, but could be a good challenge for everyone if it’s set up right. Try it out on a Saturday and give bonus points for a job done quickly and correctly. Or give your child a target time to finish the chore within, and award the bonus points if they accomplish the goal.

3) The secret challenge: Similar to the Dinnertime Challenge, you can declare to your kids that you have secret bonus points to award to whoever accomplishes something that you can decide to be vague about. So at dinnertime, tell them you are watching their manners and have one thing in mind that you keep to yourself until the end of the meal. You’ll find that all of the manners improve. Or maybe you have a long car ride and challenge your kids to behave for the duration of the trip for bonus points. I really like the idea of telling your kids you’ll be watching how they treat each other for an entire day and whoever shows kindness could qualify for some bonus points.

When it’s all said and done, you have to be creative to keep kids, and yourself, interested in the process. Because even the most ambitious homes need a little motivation every now and then.

Try one of these strategies or one of your own and let us know how it went.


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