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Video Game Creation and Design With Bloxels

Plenty of kids have grown up wishing they could create their own video game after spending hours with a controller, headset, and the latest Breath of the Wild. I know I did. Insert the hands-on platform, Bloxels. Created by Pixel Press, a company striving to allow kids to use both sides of their brain, the […]

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How Minecraft Is Becoming A Teaching Tool In Schools

You might look at Minecraft as a source of annoyance or as just another game that your children have been or are currently obsessed with. And in some ways, you’re right. The incredibly popular game, actually, the second highest selling game of all-time (only outsold by Tetris) is not only addictive and popular, but it’s […]

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4 Key Benefits of Video Gaming For Children

Video gaming has traditionally received a bad reputation amongst parents, with the focus being on potential negative effects rather than benefits. The truth is that video games have a wide range of potential benefits for your child. What’s even better is the fact that almost every video game has these benefits, not just the ones […]

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