Please check below for any open positions. If you think you fit the bill, send us your resumé. And just so you know, fitting the bill includes having the job skills, a pioneering attitude, a desire to make the world a better place one family at a time, and a tendency for kindness in between occasional but on-target sarcastic retorts. Oh, and a thirst for autonomy within a supportive environment.

Product Support Specialist

Do you have a favorite product that you use every day, and you feel like you know it inside and out? Are you an early adopter and learn new tech quickly? FamilyTech offers an opportunity to become a product expert on our applications; and to assist users with questions, issues, and concerns!

What Do We Need?

This position entails helping customers by providing in-depth product information and resolving issues that they might encounter within our applications.  We are seeking someone with strong written skills, as well as the ability to empathize with customer issues to fit this role. Additionally, a detail-oriented problem solver that loves taking notes will help with Quality Assurance testing and team communication.

What Will You Do With Your Time?

Being a FamilyTech Support Specialist means you will work closely with our Head of Product to ensure that the applications maintain their app store ratings and overall product quality. To do this requires granting users a satisfactory experience every time they interact with our support channels.  Whether they are inquiring about a bug they encountered, asking if a feature exists, or sending us praise; you will be the face of FamilyTech through that interaction! You will also log bugs that users encounter; and translate them from user speak, to actionable items for engineers to fix. Our engineers are constantly adding new features and functionality to the applications; in assisting with QA you will be responsible for ensuring these updates are bug-free.


  • Become a product expert by spending time learning each of our products inside and out
  • Answer support emails, Tweets, and Facebook messages from users
  • Collect and log feedback users provide
  • Identify potential trending support issues and report them so that they can be addressed as quickly as possible
  • Reply to user reviews on the Android and iOS app store
  • Recreate, log, and test bugs making them actionable for engineers to fix
  • QA test new features and product changes to ensure they work once pushed to users
  • Create, maintain and improve Knowledgebase resources as well as additional support materials
  • You enjoy working independently and are a self-motivated individual
  • The most important requirement is that you LOVE helping others and have a strong sense of empathy
  • Have strong written and communication skills
  • You have a strong understanding of iOS, Android, and web applications
  • Comfortable working with and learning technical concepts
  • You are a great problem solver that uses data and creativity to break problems down to find solutions for them
Nice to have
  • SQL skills would be a huge plus
  • Prior experience working in a Product or Customer Support position
  • Prior experience working with QA testing or troubleshooting software
Why Join Us?

FamilyTech is a small, welcoming, and fast-paced collaborative team, growing our business to impact families positively through our creations.  We want to support your passions and interests while keeping you challenged, growing and fulfilled at work.

How to Apply?

Send us an email that at!