Family Fun

5 Great Family Night At Home Ideas

As we¬†step into Fall, we thought it would be a good time to think about some new family night ideas. But family night can get expensive fast, especially with households of 5 or more. So how about some ideas that are plenty of fun, but don’t require you to leave the house and spend any […]

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Tech Products

New Smart Home Products To Keep An Eye On

The market for smart home technology continues to grow. And voice automation along with different devices to make your home “smarter” and easier to navigate are becoming more and more accessible. And the good news is, many of these products are becoming more and more affordable as well. Here are a handful of new products […]

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5 Fall Chore Ideas For Your Kids

Fall is finally here. And we thought it would be helpful to list some Fall related chores to add to ChoreMonster for your little monsters. A list like this can be useful for you if you’re looking to mix things up and stay fresh with your chore routines, and sometimes it can even remind you […]

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Stop Doing Your Kid’s Homework For Them

Photo credit: OakleyOriginals / Foter / CC BY As the new school year is in full swing, it’s time to talk about how we as parents, approach homework. Each night, our kids get down to business and usually need a bit of help to get started, and more to get finished. As a parent, we […]

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Tech Tool Of The Month

Tech Tool Of The Month: Leela Kids

Are your kids into podcasts yet? In the past, we’ve recommended some great ones for family listening. Of course, there are going to be podcasts that your kids are going to love that you might be less than interested in hearing. And knowing that they are making smart, age-appropriate choices, when they dive into the […]

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