Parenting, Technology

Should Your Kid’s First Phone Be A Smartphone?

You know it’s time. You’ve been putting it off but can’t procrastinate any longer. You have to get a cell phone for your child. For the frugal parents reading this, it sounds painful. You probably already feel like you’re handing over an arm and a leg each month for your cellular bill, and adding another […]

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Family Fun

5 Great Family Night At Home Ideas

As we finally step into Spring officially this week, we thought it would be a good time to think about some new family night ideas. But family night can get expensive fast, especially with households of 5 or more. So how about some ideas that are plenty of fun, but don’t require you to leave […]

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Family Fun, Learning

How To Make March Madness Fun For The Whole Family

This week, the NCAA Tournament starts. And, if your family are big fans of basketball or just have a casual interest, here is something fun to help spice up the next couple of weeks. It’s easy, and everyone can participate. Each family member fills out a tournament bracket and the person with the most correct […]

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Tech Tool Of The Month, Technology

Tech Tool Of The Month: REMI

Sleep. It’s the one thing most parents need most when kids are young. And while it’s generally known that consistency with sleep schedules and routines are what work best for children, it’s tough to achieve. So whether you have a baby that you want to keep closer tabs on while they sleepĀ or a toddler that […]

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Family Fun, Movies & TV

5 Family Movies Coming to Netflix in March

Every month, Netflix says goodbye to loads of streaming movies and television and adds a slew of new options for subscribers. Each month, we take a look at the incoming films and pick five that look like a good fit for family viewing. And you know this already, but keep it age appropriate, just like […]

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Are You An Obsessive Parent?

When it comes to parenting, we all want to do better. Even the most confident Moms and Dads out there can admit that they don’t feel like they measure up in some areas. Of course, there are some that parent on the extremes. These are the helicopter parents or even the parent’s whose entire existence […]

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Books & Reading, Tech Tool Of The Month

Tech Tool Of The Month: Epic!

One of the most important aspects of your child’s education is reading. Encouraging your kids to read opens up a world of adventures and is a tool they will use for the rest of their lives. And since most kids are using a tablet or smartphone already, it’s great to integrate reading with those devices. […]

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Education, Gaming

How Minecraft Is Becoming A Teaching Tool In Schools

You might look at Minecraft as a source of annoyance or as just another game that your children have been or are currently obsessed with. And in some ways, you’re right. The incredibly popular game, actually, the second highest selling game of all-time (only outsold by Tetris) is not only addictive and popular, but it’s […]

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